Dying Light collector's edition is £250k, includes zombie shelter

Techland has revealed a very special edition of Dying Light. The My Apocalypse Collectors Edition is a one-off and comes with a hefty £250,000 pricetag – but for that, you do get a certified zombie-proof cabin…

Dying Light: My Apocalypse Collectors Edition

Dying Light: My Apocalypse Collectors Edition

There really is quite a lot of stuff packed into this edition of the game (which is what you’d want, given the AU$50k price tag). There’s the standard inclusions: Four signed Steelbox copies of Dying Light and two sets of Razer Tiamat headphones so you can play with your friends.

Then things get a bit weird: A pair of Dying Light branded night-vision goggles and some “adult diapers” in case the night time portions of the game get too intense. A human-sized Volatile figurine to place behind you while playing, somewhere that’ll just catch your eye and make you jump.

There’s also an invitation to Techland HQ in Wroclaw, Poland, where you’ll be able to meet the development team, and play a Be The Zombie match against them. While there, your face will be scanned and skinned onto your own Night Hunter character model, so your likeness will appear in-game.

But wait… there’s more. “Zombie avoidance parkour lessons” from Ampisound are thrown in as well (they’re the team who made the Dying Light Parkour POV video)… and then there’s the big one.

The custom-built Dying Light Zombie Home is being created by Tiger Log Cabins, and comes complete with an Xbox One and other amenities. It boasts a 10 year Anti-Zombie guarantee (Note: “We require medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie should you wish to claim under the 10 year anti zombie guarantee”), and is fully furnished – but you’ll have to bring your own weapons to the party.

Obviously one for the true Dying Light fans, the My Apocalypse Collector’s Edition is only available from UK retailer GAME – if you live elsewhere, looks like you’ll just have to miss out.

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