Blizzard adding microtransactions to Diablo 3

Yes, Blizzard really is adding microtransactions to Diablo III, but – chances are – you won’t see them in your version of the game. The new addition – rolling out with Patch 2.2.0 – is designed specifically for the Asian markets, bringing with it timed experience boosts, new cosmetic items, extra inventory space and character slots, and a new UI, as well as a new “Platinum” currency.

Community manager Brandy “Nevalistis” Camel explains that these microtransactions will not be available anywhere else.

We recognise that many players have expressed an interest in microtransactions being added to Diablo III. While we may explore this model in some regions, we have no immediate plans to implement such purchases or the aforementioned features anytime soon for the Americas region.

Nevalistis quickly adds that some of the perks that are tied in with the microtransactions will be coming to the West in Patch 2.2.0 – including an improved UI when it comes to picking out pets or Collector’s Edition wings. There are also six new Legendary gear sets on the way (one for each class), while Blizzard is revamping some existing gear.

The announcement comes as Blizzard braces itself for the inevitable datamining of the new patch, as eager gamers start delving into the game’s code to find out what’s coming next.

Patch 2.2.0 is headed to the Public Test Region real soon now, and will also bring with it a new bounty type – Exploration.

As the name implies, these new bounties involve exploring an area and finding people who need to be rescued (if they’re good guys) or slain (if they’re not). You’ll see 14 bounties of this type across all Acts in the game.

Of course, there’s plenty more about to hit Diablo III, but for all the most recent details, you should probably go check out!

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