Valve announces SteamVR, on show at GDC

We’ve all heard the rumours, and now Valve is ready to confirm one of its worst-kept secrets. Yes, it’s working on a virtual reality headset, and yes, the SteamVR hardware system will be on show next week at Game Developers Conference (GDC). The company is also planning to show off “new living room devices”, as well as Steam Machines and the final version of the Steam Controller.

Gordon Stoll demonstrates Valve's gaming headset

A 2012 image of Valve’s gaming headset

It’s a good year for Valve, who is marking the 13th anniversary of the first public announcement of Steam, which has now grown to more than 125 million active accounts worldwide. The leading platform for PC, Mac and Linux games and software now also offers In-Home Streaming, Broadcasting, Music and user-created stores – plus (of course!) 4,500 games.

Unfortunately, at this stage, we’re only getting the announcement that Something Big is coming. Valve isn’t offering many more details at this stage, but we’re sure that bits and pieces will filter out next week. “Developers and publishers” are invited to try out the new gadgets at GDC, but the general public’s still got a while to wait before getting their hands on it all.

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