Buyer backs out of $130,000 PS4 charity bid

If you thought that $129,000 was too much to pay for a PlayStation 4, it seems you’re not alone. The winning bidder on the very first limited edition 20th Anniversary model has backed out of the deal, but Sony is making sure its nominated charity doesn’t miss out.

PlayStation 4 - 20th Anniversary Edition

PlayStation 4 – 20th Anniversary Edition

The unnamed bidder officially pledged ¥15,135,000 for the one-off console, but now – just a month later – the deal’s apparently gone south. The reasons behind the cancellation are unclear, but we’re wondering if it was a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

Either way, Save The Children Japan doesn’t miss out on the hefty donation. Sony, who obviously feels pretty bad about the whole situation, has announced that it will keep the machine, and donate the entire $129,000 to the charity regardless. The PS4, complete with its 00001/12300 badge, will be put on display at Sony‘s Ginza Showroom in Tokyo.

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