Paradox Interactive games coming to GOG

Paradox Interactive, developer of complex and depressingly realistic strategy games like Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings, has teamed up with to release some of their classic titles onto GOG, all wonderfully DRM-free!

Victorian politics. Securing tea and colonizing 'unclaimed' lands...

Victorian politics. Securing tea and colonizing ‘unclaimed’ lands…

The partnership sees two of Paradox’s titles, WWII based Hearts of Iron and developer golden child Europa Universalis, released digitally for the first time, with four more titles receiving a weeklong 50% off introductory price!

The titles hitting GOG are listed below, with Aussie dollar prices…’cause that’s what I count in.

Hearts of Iron – $12.69
Europa Universalis – $7.69
Crusader Kings: Complete – $6.39
Majesty Gold HD – $6.39
Majesty 2 Collection – $12.69
Victoria Complete Pack – $6.39



For those who have never played a Paradox game, oh boy, get ready for a steep learning curve. Unlike Civ or Age of Empires, you have to micro-manage every facet of your state, country or empire. Political upheaval, financial collapse, starvation, these are all things you’ll get awfully familiar with. However, pulling it all together and running a competent state or empire feels awesome and changing historical events- like uniting Britain and wining the 100 year war- makes you feel like a true boss!

I recommend Europa or Crusader Kings as starting points. Although they’re more complex, they reach much further in scope and uniting kingdoms and managing diplomacy is slightly more uplifting than attempting to survive the Nazi Blitzkrieg…

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