Let's hack Jurassic Park's security system!

Hold on to your butts guys, we’ve all just been given something awesome most of us never knew we wanted. Sorry, needed! I Know This is a game where you get to hack the infamous, 3D Unix system from Jurassic Park- subsequently causing a few people to die in the process but hey, it’s a free download! So let that alleviate the guilt!

Clever girl...

Clever girl…

The game plays like a bizarrely colourful maze, with you navigating the file system looking for nodes you can ‘hack’. And by hack, I mean mashing your keyboard enthusiastically. Oh, did I mention you also have a ‘Clippy’ doppelganger there to offer you useful hints. Sorry, not useful, obnoxious and irritating hints. It’s like 1996 all over again!

Hack that, Dennis...you asshole.

Hack that, Dennis…you asshole.

The game is very much an extended playable joke, riffing off 90s geek nostalgia and stereotypes, complete with dated 3D visuals, terrible sound effects and an awkward synth soundtrack.

I Know This was developed by Renaud Bedard, Gavin McCarthy, Adam Axbey and Matthew Simmonds for Global Game Jam 2015.

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