Sony reconfirms The Last Guardian still in development

Good news, everyone! Sony has revived the trademark on its elusive title The Last Guardian, putting the blame squarely on that mischievous specter known as ‘The Administrative Error’.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

Sony has pulled out all the stops with it’s reassurance email campaign, contacting multiple sources such as Gamespot and, to say words to the effect of ‘Oh that game. Yeah, we’re still doing that’.

The concern arose when yesterday when it was noticed that the trademark on the I.P had been abandoned, regardless of renewal reminders from the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

At E3 2014, Shuhei Yoshida, the head of Sony’s worldwide studios, guaranteed that The Last Guardian was still in development. As if to crush speculation over the title ever seeing the light of day, he said if they ever decided to cancel it, Sony would make a formal announcement of that.

Sit! Good boy, here's an antelope.

Sit! Good boy, here’s an antelope.

Ever since I saw this game announced at E3 2009, I’ve totally been down to Griffin. Seeing this title finally hit consoles, even if it was a PS3 release, would be fantastic but I, like many, remain skeptical of that. With no updates in going on 6 years, Team ICO devs leaving the project and Sony at one point shelving the idea, The Last Guardian does have all the hallmarks of having Duke Nukem: Forever syndrome.

But then again, Sony could turn around and be all like “Welcome to E3 2015. BAM! Next gen The Last Guardian, how you like that!” Which I would. I would like that very much.

So now we play the waiting game…or something from your pile of shame. That’d probably be more entertaining.

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