Get free Wii U game demos via Amiibo

Those Amiibo you’ve been fighting over will soon be useful for more than just playing Smash Bros or unlocking additional content in certain games – as Nintendo announces the physical toys will unlock actual games on Wii U, when a new app is rolled out later this year.



The news comes via Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata, who made the statements during financial briefing. He explained that the app used to unlock the games – likely NES and SNES retro titles – will be released during the first half of 2015.

Iwata explains that it’s not quite as simple as getting an entirely free game:

With this app, once you tap your amiibo on the NFC area of the GamePad, you will be able to play highlighted scenes of one certain title for NES or Super NES. You cannot play the entire game due to a time limit, but another tap of the amiibo will enable you to try another highlighted scene in the game. We hope that when you tap your amiibo, the quickly changing game scenes will pleasantly surprise you and make you feel as though you have just exchanged a game cartridge.

It’s not yet known which games will be available through the service, which will use the Amiibo’s NFC technology to communicate with the Wii U gamepad.

A new collection of figures are set to release in March, alongside Mario Party 10 – fans are hoping that Nintendo will better acknowledge (and fulfill!) demand for this wave. Previous Amiibo collections have sold out within seconds, creating a thriving aftermarket for less-dedicated gamers who are more than happy to sell the toys online for considerable profit.

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