Sign up for the World of Tanks Generals closed beta

If you love World of Tanks but wish there was a different way you could get your heavy weaponry fix, Wargaming has something for you. World of Tanks Generals is a new, online collectible card game – and it’s currently taking applications for a Closed Beta Test!

Andrey Zimenko, Director of Global Operations for World of Tanks Generals explains:

Our main goal with Closed Beta is to evolve the game into the incredible experience we’re aiming for. We’ve put a lot of effort into the game and are looking forward to seeing how testers like the current version, as well as hear their ideas and suggestions about the game’s future.

The “current version” of the game will be available via web browsers for the extent of the Beta Test, but there are smartphone versions in the works for both iOS and Android “in the future”.

The card game features PvE training battles as well as a PvP mode, so you can learn the basics, unlock cards, build decks and work on your strategies before you have to face off against another real person. There are more than 200 unique cards included in the Beta Test, covering three factions – the USA, the USSR and Germany.

Different types of cards mean different strategies come into play, and each battle can quickly become an “intense skirmish of sudden strikes, tactical trickery and dynamic dueling where you must adapt to survive”.

We don’t have the specific start date for the Closed Beta Test at this stage, but it will be announced reeeal soon now. To play, you’ll need to visit the official WoT: Generals website and sign up, using your ID.

For more information, stay tuned!

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