Bethesda accepts NY Game Award in a snowstorm

This week saw the 4th annual New York Game Awards. It also saw some pretty serious weather hit the east coast of the US. While the massive winter storm didn’t affect the New York City ceremony directly, it did mean that Bethesda was not able to accept the award for Game of the Year in person. Instead, the studio did the next best thing.

Harold Goldberg, a New York State native and founder of the New York Videogame Critics Circle received a phonecall from a Bethesda rep on awards day, apologising that nobody from the company could make it to NYC due to the incoming storms.

Normally, this wouldn’t be such a big deal – people are unable to attend award ceremonies all the time, and they send proxies or replacements to go in their stead. Often, they’re not even set to win anything, so nobody really notices their absence.

But. As Goldberg explains:

Ahhhh! These guys are winning Game of the Year for Wolfenstein: The New Order. What the HELL are we going to do now???

It turns out that the Big Apple Game of the Year Award isn’t one that’s delivered “cavalierly with a tip of the hat”. Instead, the entire New York Videogame Critics Circle gets up on stage to present the award with a “collegial, convivial feeling” – something a bit difficult if there’s nobody there to accept.

…and that’s exactly what happened, in the end. Pete Hines from Bethesda braved the elements to film this “thank you” video, but it didn’t get to the awards committee in time.


I believe it’s safe to say it’s the first game award, or perhaps the first of any Award, accepted in the midst of a snowstorm.

Other awards on the night went to Threes for Best Mobile Game, Transistor for Best Music, Shovel Knight for Best Indie, South Park: The Stick of Truth for both Best Writing and Best Acting (Trey Parker) and Far Cry 4 for Best World.

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