The Evil Within DLC coming soon says Bethesda

Good news for those of you wanting more of Bethesda’s barbwire clad, survival horror The Evil Within…or those of you that threw down your cash for the season pass, ’cause the promised DLC is on the way!

The Evil Within

The Evil Within

After the game hit shelves last October, we didn’t hear much about the accompanying three episodes of DLC, other than Bethesda saying we could expect the first one sometime “early 2015″.

A fan recently took to Twitter asking Bethesda for more information on the release window, which the publisher responded to with “Stay tuned for good news soon.”

If you’ve forgotten or this is the first you’ve heard of the DLC, the three episodes are going to be addition story content for game. The first two will focus on Detective Juli Kidman, with the last putting you in the rather uncomfortable looking safe of the hammer wielding antagonist, The Keeper.

The Keeper seems like bet!

The Keeper seems like a…safe bet!

The guys over at VG24/7 sent an email to Bethesda asking for any further information, with the publisher responding “no official comment” at the present.

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