Sony have abandoned The Last Guardian trademark

The Last Guardian has officially hit the rock bottom of development hell. After being delayed countless times and then brazenly ignored by Sony like the racist ramblings of a drunken relative at Christmas, The Last Guardian is most likely no more.


First spotted on NeoGAF, the reports of its death- which feels pretty spot on at this point- arise from Sony not choosing to renew or extend the trademark for The Last Guardian.

Trademarks are fun...

Trademarks are fun…

For those of you that haven’t had all the optimism squeezed from your hearts, feel free to hold on to hope, as it’s worth noting that Sony did previously abandon another trademark associated with ‘The Last Guardian’ back in 2012. Sony did confirm that the game was still in development last August and something as simple as a name change could account for the trademark being canceled.

But then again, we haven’t seen anything since the teaser, so I can only expect it’s become a grey tone FPS with RPG elements and competitive online multiplayer . Oh and the Griffin’s now a terrorist. Sony’s gotta make bank somehow…

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