Want to be hunted by a Werewolf? Now you can!

Haunted houses, zombie infested complexes, hanging out in Detroit- pfft, those scares are so 2010! We live in the future now- according to 2010 anyway- and I need my simulated scares to up their game! Enter ‘Escape of the Werewolf’, which by its sheer namesake lets you know what you’re in for…to some extent.

Pretty self explanatory really...

Pretty self explanatory really…

You can stop looking for review scores on this unheard of indie title ’cause you ain’t gonna find any. This shit’s real! Well, real in the sense that paid actors are going to take you on an immersive scare tour through a lab complex, where totally competent scientists have been turning folk into werewolves. What’s the worst that could happen, hey?

If this happens to your tour guide...run!

If this happens to your tour guide…run!

“The lights WILL go out, there WILL be screaming, and you WILL get sprayed with blood.”

That’s taken directly from their what to expect page. So basically it’s a fantastic first date! Or reversely a perfect break up location…you decide!

I’ve experienced my fair share of ‘haunted house’ rides- from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion to the Evil Within experience at Movie World- and I’m pretty intrigued by this one, which boldly tries to separate itself from others of its ilk, saying:

“This is NOT like an Escape Room, or a haunted house. This IS like being smack in the middle of a Werewolf movie. There is a script (that you don’t know), and you have guides leading you through the whole experience.
You have to find your way out of the facility, while werewolves are attacking both you and the people around you.”

Oh the humanity!

Oh the humanity!

I have no idea if it’s promoting something or just offering a kick ass horror experience just ’cause, but if this sounds like your kind of thing and you’ve got $50, the experience can be yours! Sorry international readers, this is an Australian exclusive (I NEVER get to type that!) and sorry to people that don’t live in Melbourne or Sydney, you’re not important enough to enjoy this, but then again you came to terms with that long ago…I know I did.

Check out the webpage Escape The Werewolf for more information and ticket bookings.

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