Get your pigeon love on with Humble Bundle's 'For Lovers' sale

With that looming hallmark specter, Valentines Day, gearing itself up for another depressingly exclusive / expensively inclusive weekend, Humble Bundle have decided to play a ballsy card with their weekly bundle. Seeming to offer a big ol’ middle finger to social expectations, this weeks collection essentially encourages you to forgo any romantic interactions with real people and instead hit on anime girls…or pigeons…I’m not here to judge.

Now lean in for a peck...

Now lean in for a peck…

The ‘For Lovers (of games)’ bundle features a collection of visual novels- or dating sims for those less prudish- including Long Live the Queen (a game where you try and hook a reluctant Queen Elizabeth up with an eligible bachelor) and Analogue: A Hate Story (a gripping tale of one man’s love / hate relationship with a CRT television).

But you didn’t click this link to hear about those games. You’re here for the pigeon pillow talk! Ain’t no shame in it. The biggest draw of this bundle isn’t actually the pigeon dating sim, Hatoful Boyfriend but the associated body pillow case that you can score by paying into the highest bracket ($35).

...I've got nothing

…I’ve got nothing

Featuring Hatoful Boyfriend‘s Ryouta Kawara, in not only his confused looking pigeon form but BAM! You double down and score him in his human form, rocking his maid uniform and looking quite positively trilled to be there. The pillow case measures 4.9 feet by 1.6 feet- just for those of you rushing out to your nearest bedding store- and if nothing else it’ll function as a rad conversation starter for anyone who ever enters your house.

The bundle runs till Feb. 18, so click here to throw your $35 at it and change the way your friends see you and avians forever!

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