Assassin's Creed movie nearly two years away

Somehow we missed this one last week, but a date has been set for the Assassin’s Creed movie – and it’s awfully close to a film set in a galaxy far, far away.

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender

The live-action movie, creatively named Assassin’s Creed and starring Michael Fassbender, is now set to hit North American cinemas from December 21, 2016. That’s just one week after the first new Disney Star Wars movie, currently untitled and due on December 16.

It’s a serious jump for the franchise, which was originally planned to debut in August 2015 before being delayed due to “production issues”.

Oscar-nominated Fassbender steps into the lead role in the film – but we don’t yet know whose robes he’ll be wearing, with no story details or other cast members revealed just yet. Australian Justin Kurzel (Snowtown) is in the director’s chair for this one. The pair have worked together on the 2015 retelling of Macbeth.

Fassbender has kept quiet about Assassin’s Creed, promising to be “respectful” of the game, while still bringing new elements to the familiar franchise.

Assassin’s Creed is not the only game Ubisoft is taking to the big screen – Far Cry, Rabbids, Watch_Dogs, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon franchises are also looking at film adaptations in the not-so-distant future.

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