Enter the Temple: Bruce Lee stars in Temple Run 2

Remember the big fuss that was made over Bruce Lee appearing in EA Sports UFC early last year? Well, we’re not sure if his next video game appearance will attract quite the same attention – the genre-defining martial artist is set to appear as a playable character in Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 featuring Bruce Lee

Temple Run 2 featuring Bruce Lee

Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter and CEO of Bruce Lee, LLC explains:

I’m very excited to have my father become part of the Temple Run family. It’s apropos the character will launch in 2015, which just happens to be his 75th birthday year! Not only is this a great and fun way to celebrate my father’s birthday, but I’m grateful that my father’s legacy will continue to live on for fans of all ages via our partnership with Imangi.

It’s not a completely bizarre mash-up – Temple Run 2 is all about quick reflexes and agile athleticism, two things Bruce Lee has in spades. With his help, escaping the terrifying Demon Monkey still won’t be easy, but you’ll be able to blast past obstacles, rack up points and spring all over the place.

As an added incentive, as you run through the game as the martial artist, you’ll receive on-screen encouragement from his many inspiring quotes.

Keith Shepherd, is co-founder of developer Imangi Studios:

As one of the most talented martial artists of all time, we think that Bruce Lee is a perfect fit for the Temple Run franchise. In addition to his speed and agility, we also celebrate his philosophies with words of wisdom when players need it most.

Temple Run 2 is out right now for iOS, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Phone 8.

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