Rare veterans creating Banjo Kazooie spiritual successor

You know those really sad dancing bears from clips of 70s Soviet Russia? Yeah, that’s pretty much what the once proud and rambunctious Banjo has become under the captivity of Microsoft. They parade him out for Kinect titles and a weird hybrid Lego racing game, clapping their hands and yelling “Dance!”, whilst audience members look on distraught and teary eyed.

He’s dead inside now but his spirit may live on through a group of former RARE developers and their new game. The enclave of devs now calls themselves Playtonic Games and have announced their first project to be a spiritual successor to the Banjo Kazooie series.

Those eyes have too much life to be Banjo's...

Those eyes have too much life to be Banjo’s…

That’s where the details stop unfortunately, with this nugget coming via NeoGAF, pulling from the latest issue of Edge. Other than that, you can always linger on Playtonic Gmaes website hoping to find something- that’s where the teaser image above came from.

No platforms are locked down yet, with a release on Steam Early Access and selected consoles being about as specific as it gets.

Call me nostalgia blinded but if even a portion of former RARE devs were to hit their stride again, damn, we could have a platformer renaissance! Or affordability priced nostalgia bait…who knows.

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