Bethesda to hold its first ever E3 conference this year

Choooo Choo! All aboard the hype and speculation train! Next stop Fallout 4! Or Doom! Or Dishonored 2! Or something completely unpredictable! I may be leading my personal Bethesda hype train head first into a bend at 300 kph but this is a big deal! It’s the first time the company has ever held an E3 press conference, which means they’ve got some serious shit to talk about.

Get pumped!

Get pumped!

Being the cool, industry savvy folk they are, Bethesda gave no hints or details about the event, bar the date it’ll be held (June 14).

Bethesda’s showcase will take place the Sunday evening before E3 even starts, opening up the event for not only the press but also fans. Bethesda says it’ll release more information on how to register for the event at a future date.

For those of you not in LA between the dates of June 14 – 18, Bethesda’s got your back too, broadcasting the showcase event in its entirety via Twitch. Just get ready for your speaks to peak when the Vault Boy appears on screen…hopefully.

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