Nintendo makes transferring data to New 3DS XL a pain in the ass

Okay, when something as simple as transferring data and content you’ve paid for to an new handheld requires a 4 minute video tutorial, you’ve really gotta ask yourself “Why isn’t this easier?”. Well, you would if you were anybody but Nintendo. You want their systems and your Pokemon’s?! You gotta play by their rules!

For those of you treading down this path, you have two options ahead of you. The hard way and the long, long, really long way.

The hard way requires a small arsenal of tools and gadgets. You’re gonna need:

-The existing system
-The SD card
-New Nintendo 3DS XL system
-Micro SD card of equal or larger size
-A size 0 Phillips screwdriver
-A computer
-An adapter that will accept both sizes of SD cards

Then follow the smooth, dulcet voice in the instruction video above. This method is the quickest way to transfer all your data and games but if you’re planning to trade in your previous model for the next, it kinda screws you over something fierce.

Even Luigi knows this is some bullshit

Even Luigi knows this is some bullshit

The other method- for those of you who don’t age like the Knight in The Last Crusade- is to use the wireless transfer between the two handhelds. Having, regrettably, done this once before, I can attest to it taking forever! And, again, if your planning a trade in, it means hours of hanging around a store, trying to make small talk with the employees and suppressing the urge to pee.

Hey Nintendo. You know what would have been a better idea? Just letting us log into the Nintendo Store on our new console, seeing our transaction history and allowing us to re-download shit we’ve paid for. Just sayin’…

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