Netflix developing a live-action Zelda series

Whoa! Hold onto your horses! Epona included! The key word here, to quickly dash your hopes, is developing. The Wall Street Journal reports- what I’m assuming they found it in a bottle- that Netflix is working closely with Nintendo to develop a live-action version of the adventures of everyone’s favorite androgynous fairy boy, Link!

Even Toon Link isn't getting his hopes up.

Even Toon Link isn’t getting his hopes up.

The mystics at The Wall Street Journal also say that the series is being described as “Game of Thrones” for a family audience. Which means no topless Link or dismembered octoroks…sorry, Internet.

Netflix has begun searching for writers for the project but they’re assuring everyone it’s still early days.

Nintendo are notorious for being super protective of their first party I.P, due to some horrendous prvious mishandling, which gave rise to the meme worthy Zelda CD-i games and 80s film version of Super Mario Bros.

Zelda on the CD-i...such graphics!

Zelda on the CD-i…such graphics!

A Netflix spokeswoman declined to comment anymore on the subject and Nintendo fell back on their favorite statement, the one where the company “doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation.”

Who would you cast in the show? Which Zelda game would you base it around? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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