They're here! Poltergeist remake trailer dropped!

I’m throwing it out there, 1982s ‘Poltergeist’ is easily one of the greatest horror movies ever made. Without resorting to buckets of blood or chainsaw wielding madmen, Hooper made a flick that expertly preyed upon regular ol’ people fears, like child abduction and systematically shattered the illusion of safety offered by suburban living. Oh, and ghosts. They were kind of pivotal too.



With that said, I was pretty skeptical about the idea of a remake. Boy, was I wrong.

20th Century Fox dropped the trailer online a couple of days ago and, hot damn, does it look good! The remake has the legend himself, Mr Sam Raimi, on board and will be directed by Gil Kenan- who up until this point only has one directorial credit for City of Ember. Don’t remember it? It’s okay, no one does.

The cast looks to be the strongest element of the production, with folks like Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jared Harris, Saxon Sharbino, and Jane Adams, bringing the heavy acting chops!

For those not familiar with the original, the story follows a family moving into a brand new suburban development. Everything’s all peachy until BAM! Ghosts! Seeing as ghosts are naturally dicks, they decide to abduct the youngest daughter. The family, with the help of a paranormal specialist, then attempts to traverse the unknown to get her back.

From the trailer, the remake seems to follow the original pretty darn closely, with key scenes that scarred my childhood being given a modern twist. It’d be nice to finally see a ghost centric horror film again that isn’t a) shot on a handy cam and b) has good actors in- and yes, I’m saying Paranormal Activity is crap.

Poltergeist hits cinemas July 24 worldwide.

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