SWAT pranking idiot arrested, faces up to 5 years jail

There’s a few things common sense and a degree of Darwinian intuition dictate you shouldn’t do. Apparently Brandon Wilson, known online as Famed God, lacks this higher brain function and as a result faces up to 5 years in prison for SWAT pranking.

Being as I’m not a sociopath, the concept of SWAT-ing was new to me. If you’re in the same boat as me, firstly, keep fighting the sane fight and secondly, Swat-ing is the practice of calling in crime reports on Twitch streamers and watching live as the cops kick the shit through their house with guns. Sounds riveting…

Ain't nothing funny about this.

Ain’t nothing funny about this.

According to a Chicago Sun Times report, Wilson has been arrested in Nevada, and is facing extradition to Illinois, after falsely reporting a murder to Naperville, Ill. police in July 2014, which resulted in an armed law enforcement response to another address.

Like a true idiot, Wilson didn’t believe the police had the means to track his false report back to him, which resulted in investigators searching his home, where they found evidence of Wilson’s involvement in the SWAT attack as well as other similar incidents.

Like a true bad ass, he now faces two counts of computer tampering and one count of intimidation, computer fraud, identity theft and disorderly conduct, which can carry up to five years in state prison. Oh and the cherry on the top, there are three other states after him who may proffer additional charges.

It seems needless to say but SWAT-ing isn’t funny, it’s fucking stupid and anyone that does it deserves the full grunt of the legal system pushing down upon them. Not only is it dangerous, obviously risking injury to the person the SWAT are called on but can also lead to long term psychological trauma.

For putting up with that mini-rant, here, have a picture of a tea cup pig eating an ice cream. You deserve it.

Anger depleting...

Anger depleting…

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