Porsche unveils new car in a videogame

Okay. So on a first sight read you can be forgiven for thinking “Huh. Oh. Big deal…” But the thing is, it’s a huge deal. Video games, be them mobile or…whatever the opposite of mobile is-static, I suppose- have now become so big, multi-million dollar automotive companies recognize them as a valid platform for advertising!

Except this a little more than advertising. This is a reveal! Not at a car show or in an established print magazine but in a mobile game that I play on the toilet! Real Racing 3 has partnered with Porsche (so expect Lamborghini’s to get a little slower) to unveil the Cayman GT4 in their first update of 2015.

In a move of pure marketing gold, starting February 5, players will be able to flog the shit out the GT4 to complete challenges specifically designed around the vehicle, allowing players to win a virtual version of the car after completing a series of in-game events.

You can grab Real Racing 3 from the App Store or Google Play.

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