The Sims 4 gets careers in upcoming expansion

EA and Maxis have announced another attack on your spare time (and likely your wallet), taking the wraps off of the first expansion pack for The Sims 4. Titled Get to Work, the pack now gives your Sims something to do during the day – including opening and managing their own retail business.

In Get to Work, you can craft inventions and dream up crazy creations as a Scientist, deliver babies and save lives as a Doctor, or crack the big cases after investigating crime scenes as a Detective.

The retail shop is the thing I’m most interested in – an entrepreneurial Sim can set up, create, customise and manage their own virtual business. I thought this might just be another way of selling artwork and other skilled creations, but seems there’s much more than that, with EA offering “bakeries, clothing boutiques, photography studios, art galleries and more”. Whatever you choose to do, your Sim can be their own boss and – by working hard – can even become a Simoleonaire!

There are also all new venues (that’d be workplaces) and skills (to create the objects to sell in your business), and we’re hearing rumours that extra-terrestrial beings may also walk among us…

The Sims 4: Get to Work will hit both PC and Mac from April 2015.

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