Bioware founder set to open his own microbrewery

Greg Zeschuk, one of the two doctors behind BioWare has branched out on a new venture after leaving the company in 2012. He’s long been involved in the craft beer industry, and is now opening a new market and microbrewery of his own.

Greg Zeschuk, doing what he loves

Greg Zeschuk, doing what he loves

Since leaving video games development, Zeschuk has been involved with The Beer Diaries, an online series “celebrating and promoting craft beer around the world”, but it now looks like he’s returned a little closer to home. His new venture is being set up in a suburb of Edmonton, the city where Zeschuk and former partners Ray Muzyka and Augustine Yip founded BioWare back in 1995.

Zeschuk tells local media he has been “scouring the city” for a while now, looking for the perfect location for his neighbourhood-oriented business.

What we’re trying to do is effectively urban development done right. We’re taking a space in an existing community that might turn into a 7-11 or a Mac’s and we’re trying to do something more interesting architecturally, and from a commercial perspective.

The new location – named Ritchie Market – will contain a “family-oriented” local brew pub and restaurant, a coffee roastery and cafe, and (what else?) a bike shop. A local butcher is set to move into the space as well, which is expected to open by the summer of 2016.

I know quite a few people in the area, and I have a good sense that the community is really interesting, with an eclectic mix, artists and business people, a very interesting and engaged community. The kind of thing we are doing will work very well.

Currently, the space Zeschuk has claimed is home to a craft store built in the 1950s, which will be demolished to make space for Ritchie Market. To honour the “tired existing building”, Zeschuk is considering a signature brew – perhaps a Stamp-a-Doodle Pale Ale?

Owning and operating a brew pub might seem a significant leap from working on games like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but something tells us Ritchie Market will be home to more than a few complex, fascinating stories (and romance arcs) of its own.

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