Get Over Here! Mortal Kombat X collectors announced

Can you really have such a thing as TOO many collectors editions? No, not quantity- we all know they’ll box as many as they can sell- but I mean, like, actual different versions of the same game! Apparently Warner Brothers Interactive thinks not, throwing up a middle finger to convention and releasing 4 versions of Mortal Kombat X!

Being that I actually care about this game- see, MK and I have a long history worthy of a daytime TV movie- here’s all the available editions, ranked by how rad they are, which subsequently also equals the more bank you’re going to have to part with.

The Mortal Kombat X: Kollector’s Edition by Coarse

This by far the coolest Scorpion I have ever seen! Hands down. And that’s including real life ones too! In edition to the sweet statue, this bad boy comes with what’s listed below. Thing is, this one might be a little harder to get for all my Aussie kombaters, with no AU listings for it. Well, time to get importing…

Exclusive Scorpion figurine and Certificate of Authenticity, designed by Coarse. Coarse has been recognized in Collector and Designer figure communities for their artistic approach, dedication to detail, and unique storytelling through sculpture.

In-game Gold Scorpion Skin, inspired by the Coarse figurine.

The Kombat Pack, which includes access to four add-on playable characters from Klassic Kombatants to Iconic guest characters.

Available for PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

$149.99 (~$195 AUD)

The Mortal Kombat X Kollector’s Edition

MK X Kollectors Edition

MK X Kollectors Edition

This one ain’t as cool in my opinion but here is the standard European / Australian collectors edition. Available at EB Games or through Amazon import for all you across the pond.

Scorpion Statue.

Exclusive Steel Pack and Steel Card.

Mortal Kombat X: Blood Ties Comic Book Volume 1.

In-game Gold Scorpion Skin.

The Kombat Pack.

Available for PS4 and Xbox One.


The Mortal Kombat X Premium Edition

This is the digital copy for all you who have ascended to a higher plane, where physical trinkets mean nothing anymore.

Available via download only for PS4, Xbox One, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

The Kombat Pack.

$89.99 (USD)

The Mortal Kombat X Limited Edition

This one is an exclusive US Gamestop edition because you guys matter too!

Exclusive Scorpion Skin — this skin design, inspired by the Cold War, is a collaboration between NetherRealm Studios and a fan artist from the, a crowd-sourced destination where Mortal Kombat enthusiasts can upload, submit and share their MK-related art, images, cosplay, music and videos.

The Kombat Pack.

Available for PS4 and Xbox One.

$94.99 (USD)

That’s the round up, folks!

Mortal Kombat X hits shelves April 14 for just about every platform (sorry WII U) and, surprisingly, will hit Aussie shelves uncensored! Boom! The systems working!

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