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I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t see this one coming. Today, New York-based investment firm Columbus Nova- if they don’t sound like an evil conglomerate from the Alien franchise, I don’t know what does- announced that it has acquired former Sony studio, Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), for an undisclosed amount of scratch.

Business! Wooo!

Business! Wooo!

Hold up! Don’t freak out just yet. SOE isn’t anything to do with Sony’s online gaming network but rather the company better known for being Sony’s MMO puppy farm, credited with the creation of pay-to-win titles like EverQuest, PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, H1Z1, Landmark, and the upcoming EverQuest Next.

The company has been renamed Daybreak Game Company, which is a slightly more catchy and probably easier for a graphic designer to whip up a logo for.

Sony Online Entertainment

A logo that inspires feelings of…something.

As with every event like this, there was an accompanying bland, uninspired corporate press release, featuring words like growth, track record and boundary pushing. Sadly no mention of synergy though. Clearly a missed opportunity, Daybreak. There’s always next time.

That said, amongst all the kind of talk that gets board members and shareholders all hot and flustered, was a rather interesting nugget. John Smedley, President of the Daybreak Game Company threw this out there: “We will continue to focus on delivering exceptional games to players around the world, as well as bringing our portfolio to new platforms, fully embracing the multi-platform world in which we all live”.

Woah! Hold up! This is interesting. All those previously stated MMO’s Sony had on lock are now open for multiple platform distribution. Hey Xbox owners! Want to play DC Universe Online? No? You sure?…okay.

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