You want noir horror? Get onto White Night!

A while ago I made the bold statement that survival horror was dead. Whilst that still may be true for the scarily hand holding world of triple A releases, indie devs, on the other hand, have a wonderful freedom to experiment and White Night looks to bring horror back to its atmospheric roots!

Aaaand now is when you turn around and leave.

Aaaand now is when you turn around and leave.

White Night essentially looks like the product of mixing a shot of Hitchcockian suspense, a dash of Kubrick cinematography and pouring it over a handful of Wellesian noir to make a tantalising horror gaming Martini! Has that got you salivating? Good! Because it darn well should!

The trailer shows off the gorgeous black and white visuals, the 1930s setting and old school inspired horror gameplay, as the noir monologuing protagonist decides to explore an abandoned mansion- as was par for the course back then.

Far be it be from being an unknown, White Night has already snagged a couple of fancy awards at the 2013 Game Connection Europe show in Paris, which- using car logic- means they’re shinier, more coveted and harder to insure!

If you’re as sold as I am, White Night will available to download on March 3 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and even little old Linux!

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