Mortal Kombat X rated R18+ for Australian release

Australian gamers who are still hurting over the failed 2011 release of Mortal Kombat can relax: Mortal Kombat X has officially been granted an R18+ rating Down Under, meaning we’ll be able to play the game alongside everybody else when it launches in April.

Unsurprisingly, the adults-only rating is for “high impact violence, blood and gore, online interactivity“, but that’s what you’d expect from a game that specialises in fatalities and tearing character’s spines from their bodies.

We’ve been lucky enough to check out Mortal Kombat X (remember, that’s “ecks”, not “ten”) twice now, once at E3 and again at PAX Australia, and were blown away by the stunning graphics, the easy to pick up controls, and the wonderful new characters.

The most recent addition – shown in the video above – is Ermac, the soul-stealing warrior who started life as a fan-based rumour. He joins series favourites Scorpion and Sub-Zero, as well as new characters like Cassie Cage (daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade), the Aztec-inspired blood god Kotal Kahn, and the twin powers of Ferra/Torr, an armoured brawler who carries a tiny (aggressive!) lady on his back.

Mortal Kombat X is due to hit Australian shelves on April 15, 2015 – and if you want, we’ve got 30 minutes of gory, glorious gameplay to put you in the mood.

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