Say what! Local Aussie Twitch servers go live!

If the majesty of a Pat’s Super Bowl victory isn’t like Christmas come ridiculously early for you, then maybe the surprise emergence of local Aussie Twitch servers can fill that void.

'Straya finally gets to play with the rest of the world!

‘Straya finally gets to play with the rest of the world!

The discovery of the servers was noticed by several users today- such as Australian Starcraft II aficionado Phil “inFeza” Bertino and Assault Android Cactus developer Syama Mishra- whom took to Twitter to spread the good word. Twitch has yet to officially announce these new servers but early reports from those that got to use them are positive.

These local servers have the potential to massively increase the quality of streams from Down Under, allowing users to run higher bitrate streams, which was previously not possible from the Singapore servers, which up until now were Australia’s closest Twitch hub.

At last, I can finally stream Solitaire in 1080p! I don’t know if my body can handle this…

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