New Super Bowl Jurassic World Trailer has Raptor cops!

Easily the highlight of the greatest show on earth- and of course I’m talking ’bout the Super Bowl- isn’t the Pats destroying the Seahawks 98-7- like my simulation in Tecmo Super Bowl predicted- but the unveiling of a new Jurassic World trailer!

The newest sneak peek teases us with a little more about the genetically modified super dino, why Dr Ian Malcolm may have been correct about playing God and what happens when you don’t keep your Pterosaurs in a damn avery!

But none of that holds a damn candle to what I’m assuming is a crucial main plot thread. Chris Pratt and his elite squad of trained Raptor cops! You heard me. Raptor. Cops.



The film looks like it’s definitely going to be treading into goofier territory- as opposed to the originals straighter take- but hell, it looks like it’s gonna be fun!

Jurassic World smashes into cinemas on June 12.

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