Red Power Ranger charged with murder in LA

Former red Power Ranger Ricardo Medina Jr has been arrested in Los Angeles and charged with murder after the fatal stabbing of his housemate with a sword. He’s now behind bars, with bail set at US$1M.

Ricardo Medina Jr, as Deker the Red Ranger

Ricardo Medina Jr, as Deker the Red Ranger

Medina, 36, played the red Ranger in 2002’s Power Rangers Wild Force: Identity Crisis, but more recently appeared as Deker the villain (who hated the red Samurai Ranger) in the recent Power Rangers Samurai series. Since then, the actor has appeared on television shows such as ER and CSI: Miami, as well as featuring in reality show Kept. Most recently, he was working as a stripper.

Police reports state Medina and his housemate – 36-year old Joshua Sutter – got into an argument that quickly escalated into a physical fight. The actor got up and went into his bedroom with his girlfriend, closing the door behind them. When Sutter followed, forcing the door open, Medina stabbed Sutter once in the abdomen with a sword he kept next to the bedroom door.

Following the incident, Medina called 911 and Sutter was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Medina is actually the second Power Rangers actor to have been charged with murder – in 2009, Skylar Deleon (who appeared as Roger in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) was given the death penalty after his involvement in two separate cases – including killing a married couple by tying them to an anchor and throwing them overboard from their yacht.

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