Bioshock creator Ken Levine talks new game

The creative director behind Bioshock, Freedom Force and System Shock 2 is talking about a new game. Annnnd there. You hear that? That’s the collective sound of multiple pants being soiled in excitement. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I also need to change and attempt to contain my inner fanboy.

The ruggedly, handsome genius Levine (possible editorial bias present) has shed some light on his next project in a series of posts via Twitter. Levine said the team is looking to create a “small open-world-ish RPG with quest structure” with a “sci-fi-ish” feel, with formalism laying claim to the stylistic choice “a la Kubrick and Wes Anderson.”

Ken Levine rocking some frozen a boss!

Ken Levine rocking some frozen yogurt…like a boss!

So far the team is creating the future 10/10 masterpiece- statistically, I could be correct- with PC in mind, with the game focusing on a large in scope, expandable, systems-based narrative that could be added to with expansions.

For those craving more insight, you’re out of luck, as the game isn’t very far along, with only “very rudimentary gameplay” running in-engine.

Last year, Levine announced the closure of Irrational Games– a day that still inspires mourning in my household. A month later the story-wizard appeared GDC 2014, saying that he wanted the freedom of a smaller team to create a “narrative-driven experience where the narrative elements are non-linear and interact with each other.”

His panel is fascinating and totally worth watching if you’re even in the slightest interested in game development. Oh look, there it is below.

And for those hoping for another Bioshock entry:

But then again, that’s the kind of mindfuckery we expect from Ken. Well, played sir. Well played.

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