Grab the League of Legends soundtrack for free!

2015 is shaping up to be a year of good gaming soundtracks – and League of Legends is the latest musical offering. Riot has released a collection of 15 “new and classic” tracks from the MOBA, available online right now as Volume 1 of the Music of League of Legends, hinting at more to come.

Even more interesting than the soundtrack album though: Riot has also released Frequencies, a 46-minute behind-the-scenes look at how the music was created.

Music and games share an intertwined history stretching back to neon-soaked arcades and dusty living rooms crowded with tangles of twisting plastic controller cords. From chiptune scores to the sweeping symphonies of expansive fantasy worlds,the relationship shared between games and music simultaneously elevates both art forms. Frequencies is a behind-the-scenes look at that harmony at Riot; the moment when creativity, collaboration, and passion collide to forge and reinforce story through music.

You can grab Volume 1 of the Music of League of Legends right now from iTunes, Google Play and selected online retailers, or go straight to the source and pick it up directly from Riot. We’re not sure how limited-edition this one is (this week’s other major musical release, Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Tavern Songs is only available for a short time), but we’d still get onto it pretty quick.

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