Look at Homeworld Remastered – out next month

That Homeworld Remastered Collection is coming your way faster than you could have ever imagined, with Gearbox confirming that the deliciously high-def remastered versions will hit PC from February 25, 2015 – less than a month away. Want to see what it all looks like? We’ve got some new-look gameplay footage for you, too.

If you already know you want this one, and you missed out on the collectors’ editions, you can still pre-order your copy via Steam, and snag 15% off.

Brian Martel, Chief Creative Officer at Gearbox Software explains:

Homeworld is among the greatest strategy games in history, and we’re very proud of the work our team has put into bringing this exceptional series to modern PCs. We received a lot of great feedback from the passionate Homeworld fan community, and we hope to deliver a game they – and new fans from around the world – can get lost in for countless hours to come.

Need more convincing?
Gearbox took to the stage at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas, to reveal their latest project. Remember, this is a ultra high-def remastering of the original space strategy games (both 1999’s Homeworld and 2003’s Homeworld 2), a labour of love from Gearbox in cooperation with the fan community and key members of the original dev team from Relic.

Homeworld Remastered

Homeworld Remastered

Obviously, the Remastered editions look stunning with new, high-res textures and models – but they also sound amazing. The score has been fully remastered and the original cast brought back for new voice recordings.

While the new polished-up versions are pretty great, there’s a free bonus thrown in for retro purists: The original Sierra versions of both Homeworld and Homeworld 2 are also included (the only difference to these games is some compatibility upgrades so they’ll work on modern hardware).

Homeworld 2 - Classic Edition

Homeworld 2 – Classic Edition

At this stage, the games are singleplayer only, but picking up the Remastered Collection will also put you into the Homeworld Remastered Steam Multiplayer Beta which kicks off alongside the singleplayer release.

This beta will feature multiplayer modes from both Homeworld and Homeworld 2, packing races, maps and game modes into one massive multiplayer experience. The dev teams have combined 15+ year old code with some newly-crafted changes, and Gearbox explains the experience will be “shaped by fan feedback” as the beta continues.

Convinced on Homeworld Remastered now? Remember, you can pre-order your copy via Steam (and get 15% off in the process) – or else just hang around for a month and then pick it up for full price!

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