Puzzle & Dragons double-pack set for AU release

That 3DS exclusive Super Mario Bros-themed adaptation of Puzzle & Dragons is coming to Australia – and it’s happening as part of a double-pack, alongside Puzzle & Dragons Z. Finally, western audiences will be given an opportunity to properly experience the Japanese mobile smash!

While the Super Mario Bros. Edition is an all-new project, Puzzle & Dragons Z came out in Japan in December 2013. It’s a spin off of the mobile version, containing more RPG elements than the original straight-out puzzlefest.

At this stage, we don’t quite know the local date for the release, but the Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition/Puzzle & Dragons Z double-pack has just been rated for Australian release (G for “Very mild violence”, in case you were wondering). Both games are hitting Europe and North America in May, shortly after the pack makes its Japanese debut on April 29.

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