New look Venom inspired by Disney Infinity

Venom. The Symbiote Soldier. That weird tar gunk from Spider-Man 3. However you know it, I think we can all agree that after it’s first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #252, the alien symbiotes gone on to do some crazy stuff, cementing its status as a fan favorite in the the Marvel Universe.

He's come a long way since the McFarlane days!

He’s come a long way since the McFarlane days!

With things constantly changing in the Marvel Universe at the moment- like restarting everything!– it wasn’t going to be long before Venom, sorry, The Symbiote Soldier got himself a make over. Debuting in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23, artist Valerio Schiti pays homage to the original McFarlane design, whilst sourcing influence from Venom’s Disney Infinity iteration- which he describes as “Cool. Sleek. Big.”- and even Tron and Ghost in a Shell- for that sweet space vibe!

McFarlanes O.G Venom!

McFarlanes O.G Venom!

Schiti’s full interview with Marvel is available here.

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