Theme Hospital is now free, thanks to EA

Want a free trip to hospital? EA is offering Theme Hospital – the 1997 classic – to gamers around the world absolutely free, as part of its “On The House” program. All you need is an Origin account (also free), and you can start running your very own medical centre.

Theme Hospital: A bad case of Bloaty Head

Theme Hospital: A bad case of Bloaty Head

Created in the late 90s as part of the Theme-Sim boom (think Theme Park, Theme Aquarium, Theme Park World), Theme Hospital can be surprisingly challenging, as you use classic strategy skills to try and avoid killing all your patients. You’ll need to treat people suffering from ailments including Corrugated Ankles, Chronic Nosehair, Infectious Laughter, Slack Tongue, Golf Stones, Kidney Beans and – of course – Bloaty Head.

The game is free for one month, and there are no strings attached. Once you’ve added it to your Origin account, you can download it whenever and wherever you choose.

Theme Hospital is the latest in a whole stack of games EA has given away since March 2014 through the On The House program. Other offerings have ranged from Dragon Age: Origins and Battlefield 3 to more casual titles like Peggle, and retro favourite Wing Commander 3.

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