Should we get ready for a Battletoads reboot?

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, appeared at the Windows 10 media briefing earlier today. While what he was saying was very interesting (more on that later), eagle-eyed gamers were paying more attention to his t-shirt rather than his words. Emblazoned upon his chest? A logo for old-school Rare game, Battletoads.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer

Xbox boss Phil Spencer

Spencer clearly loves his job, and will often wear games-related shirts to major Microsoft presentations. He’s been spotted wearing the logos for Capybara Games, State of Decay and Press Play Studios, before those Xbox-related projects were revealed. At E3 in 2014, he wore a Limbo t-shirt on stage – and that game arrived on Xbox One shortly after.

So… Battletoads. The game first hit home consoles – the NES to be precise – back in 1991, where it quickly gained a cult reputation for being ridiculously difficult. Even though Rash, Zitz and Pimple only featured in four games (and an animated series!), they’re still frequently mentioned in lists of games we want to see make a comeback.

Today’s shirt isn’t the first time Spencer’s shown his ‘Toads fan status. Back in 2013, following the reaction to Killer Instinct, he asked fans via Twitter about which game Rare should do next.

I’m still partial to #BattleToads.

After that, in November 2014, Microsoft re-registered the Battletoads trademark, making no comment on its actions. Rare has also stated publicly that 2015 will be a “huge year” for the company.

As for Spencer… he’s not saying much today, but he did offer an intriguing statement to Gamespot:

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a t-shirt that’s been a complete head-fake. I wouldn’t do that.

Fingers crossed then, eh?

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