Good riddance Club Nintendo. It was lame anyway.

After a 6 year run, Nintendo are finally deciding to close down their reward / loyalty system, Club Nintendo. And you know what? Good! I really couldn’t care less any more.

Let it go, Luigi. It's over now.

Let it go, Luigi. It’s over now.

As an Australian who recently snapped and sobbed to his WII U “No! I’m done throwing money at you out of sheer nostalgia!”, I’m done being- in the cutest way possible, I may add- screwed over by the Big N.
Here in Oz we get limited releases of games widely available overseas, heavily restricted digital content and- linking back to the title of this article- sweet fuck all in the Club Nintendo Store.

I have 16,000 stars. That’s right. 16,000. And what do I have to spend them on? A notebook. Or some stickers. Oh boy, maybe an obsolete WiiMote holder! Overseas there’s statues, full game redemptions, actual cool pieces of memorabilia- but alas, we plebs can only look on in jealousy.

However many stars you’ve horded, make sure you spend them by the 30th of September, as after it’s all null and void.

Nintendo has announced that they’ll be replacing the Club with a new loyalty programme soon, so get ready to horde intangible currency all over again!

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