Dark Souls PC multiplayer working again!

Whether you’re a Sunbro, a DragonBro, a spirit of vengeance or even a god damn Gravelord, you know that since the PC version of Dark Souls -AKA the greatest game of all time- moved from GWFL to Steam, things ain’t been so great.

Failed invansions, no summon sigils, actually being able to stroll through Darkroot Garden as a human- things like that just aren’t right! Turns out the reason for this happened in the migration to the Steam servers, where players became divided by and locked to specific regions- because, well, just because.

Jolly Co-operation!

Jolly Co-operation!

Good news comes to Lordan though, in the form of a 5MB patch which fixes the multiplayer connectivity issues. Strangely, this was first reported via Reddit and not officially from Namco Bandai or FromSoftware. I can attest to the patch working, as last night I was ganked by a dude in full Havel’s just as I was entering Sens fog door- on that note, great job helping me Tarkus!

Only downside to the most recent patch is that the popular FPS boosting mod, DSFix, will no longer work, but I’m sure someone will fix that pretty quick too, right?

Well, it looks like it’s time for me to jump back in again! I’ll be Sunbro-ing around the Iron Golem for the next couple of days, so if anyone wants to partake in some jolly co-operation, just touch my sigil and get ready to praise the sun!

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