'Escape from New York' reboot back on!

That’s right! Snakes coming back! And if that statement alone doesn’t fill you with the insatiable urge to don an eye patch and crank the badass-ery up to 11, then you’re reading the wrong article, pal.

A remake of Carpenter’s classic ‘Escape from New York’ has been in development hell for just as long as I can remember now, plagued by numerous script re-writes and a laundry of list different directors signing on and off the project. Finally though, some good news has recently come to light, with Deadline reporting the Fox has emerged from a competitive bidding war and closed a deal for rights to the remake.

Snake Plissken, ladies and gentlemen.

Snake Plissken, ladies and gentlemen.

Not much more than that is known at the moment, other than Carpenter will be an executive producer- and will exert creative influence over the project- and that it’ll be some sort of prequel or from-scratch reboot, aiming to kick start a new franchise.

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of the original, Carpenter himself sums it up best:

“In the original, Kurt Russell played Snake Plissken, an eyepatch-sporting tough guy who is conscripted to rescue the president of the United States after Air Force One — en route to a summit that could head off WWIII — goes missing after it crashes in New York, which has been relegated to a maximum security prison. Plissken, a former special forces operative convicted of trying to rob the Federal Reserve, is given 22 hours to liberate the president and a tape he carries which holds the key to peace. If he fails, he’s wired to explode.”

Ideally I’d love to see Kurt Russell reprise his role as the grizzled vet, Snake Plissken, but I know that’s about as likely as me getting bitten by a shark whilst scoring the winning touchdown at the Superbowl.

Honestly, I love the original way too much and can’t imagine anyone else donning the eye patch. Before Fox acquired the rights, Silver Screen had a short list of possible actors for the role including Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim), Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead), and Dan Stevens (The Guest).

Charlie Hunnam, Jon Bernthal, and Dan Stevens.

Charlie Hunnam, Jon Bernthal, and Dan Stevens.

I just hope they keep the soul of the original intact and don’t go for a dark, gritty remake that’s devoid of personality- yeah, I’m looking at you Total Recall.

Who do you think would make a rad Plissken? Would you prefer a hyper realistic remake? Whats your favorite brand of eye patch? Let me know in the comments!

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