Want to believe again? X-Files reboot on the way!

It’s been 7 years since we last saw Agent Mulder, Agent Scully and the ever looming threat of the US Government / impending alien menace. A lot has changed since then but one things stayed the same: FOX TV Group’s love of money!

FBI agents Mulder and Scully

FBI agents Mulder and Scully

With the recent successful return of 24 to Fox’s air, the chairman of the media empire, Gary Newman, says that they’re in talks to bring back supernatural drama, The X-Files.

Surprisingly, the trickiest hurdle is not securing the return of the original cast and creators- who are all onboard, BOOYAH!- but figuring out scheduling conflicts, such as Scully’s, my bad, I mean Gillian Anderson’s, who is currently set to appear in Season 3 of NBC’s Hannibal.

As of now there isn’t a timeframe for the project but Fox sounds like they want to get this going, like, yesterday!

I don’t quite know where the show can go in, what will be, its tenth season but all I know is: I Want To Believe.

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