WWE meets Injustice in new mobile game

I think we can all agree superheroes and wrestling superstars share many of the same fundamental qualities. They both have unobtainable figures, they both live lives of constant drama; and they both take more blow- sorry- blows than the average human ever could. Hell, it’s almost like they’re one and the same!

Well, it appears NetherRealm and Phosphor Games came to that same conclusion with their newest iOS / Android game, WWE Immortals.

Slicker than a flying douche!

Slicker than a flying douche!

WWE Immortals takes the established WWE franchise and undoubtedly makes it better by transforming its stars into a slew of caped crusaders, monsters, ninjas and mages- easily the pay per view event of the decade. The game is strikingly similar to the the Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game, with battles being touch based, cards bolstering your roster and power sets, and it being F2P- very penny pinchers favourite abbreviation.

Finally, I can settle the age long hypothetical of who would win in a fight: Superdouche John Cena-complete with heat vision- or The Rock, completely jacked out of his mind on magic runes? And with that, I can sleep soundly at night.

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