Just how long would it take to play all your Steam games?

If you’re anything like me, your PC pile of shame is somewhat spiraling out of control with every sneaky Humble Bundle and Steam sale purchase. “Just one more” you say. “I know I’ll play that” you say. Then BAM! You’re looking at a time debt that even the Langoliers couldn’t wipe away!

How did this crippling fact dawn on me? No, not through my incresingly hermit lifestyle but through the tecno-wizardry of SteamLeft.

Just a casual trip into the abyss!

Just a casual trip into the abyss!

By chucking your Steam ID into SteamLeft, the website will calculate an estimate on roughly how much of your life your library will consume. Even better, it converts those large, overwhelming numbers into far more relatable things. Like traveling to Venus or beating Pokemon Blue 28 times…
There’s my epitaph right there: Could of traveled to Venus. Chose to play games. He died doing what he tolerated.

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