Today's big H1Z1 launch is not going very well

Today, we were going to tell you all about how H1Z1 was finally available via Early Access… and sure, it’s out now – but you won’t be able to play it just yet. It seems that Sony somehow misjudged the level of anticipation for the game, and hardly anyone can connect to the login server.

Despite the game not actually being finished yet, it’s currently topping the best-seller lists on Steam after being available for just a few hours, which should give you an idea of how many people are queuing up to get online and play.

Game Error G99 is popping up more often than not, for potential fans of H1Z1, but that’s just the start of Sony‘s problems. It seems the studio’s using the same login servers for more than just that one game, so gamers are unable to join a handful of other, unrelated, titles.

That said, this is why the game has launched into Early Access rather than a full retail release. It gives the developers an opportunity to make sure the game is balanced and working for the official release – which includes ironing out server load issues.

John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment has said on Twitter that the dev team “won’t sleep till this is fixed”:

we keep fixing the issue and pushing it downstream in our infrastructure. pretty soon it just goes away.

Once logged in, the game is fine – there are an estimated 200+ servers online and hosting gamers who have been able to get through authentication. This includes PvE servers for those who prefer a “lighter” experience. PvE comes in a “hardcore” gameplay mode – requiring headshots for kills and a strict first-person perspective – or a more simple, “vanilla” style.

Of course, there are also PvP servers. These again come in both hardcore and vanilla, where hardcore servers are first-person only, require headshots for successful kills, and you’ll lose all your recipes when you die.

Remember: H1Z1 is in early access, and is being treated as a “learning experience” by Smedley and the team at Sony. If you are only vaguely interested in the zombie survival adventure, it miiight be a good idea to hold off on playing H1Z1 for a little while, even once the login issues are fixed.

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