Nintendo Power Glove crucial to Robot Chicken

Despite its glorious introduction in The Wizard, the Nintendo Power Glove was, from all accounts, a bit of a failure. However, Dillon Markey has given the doomed peripheral a new lease of life – it’s a crucial part of making stop-motion animation for Robot Chicken.

Markey features in a new documentary short by Ava Benjamin. Playing with Power highlights how the Glove was a major part of the animator’s childhood, and a perfect fit when he was trying to decide on an innovative controller for his stop-motion projects.

Out of the box, the Mattel Power Glove already featured a number of structural elements Markey needed for his work – a directional pad, a central stop/go button, A/B buttons and a number pad. By adding a modern circuit board, the Glove now effectively functions as a bluetooth keyboard, which controls the Apple-based software used to make Robot Chicken.

There’s also a couple of custom modifications Markey couldn’t resist: A pair of tweezers attached via magnet (for manipulating character eyebrows!), and a pressure-sensitive speaker on the knuckles that exclaims “F**kin’ Awesome!” when fist-bumped.

…because clearly, it is.

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