Mad Max meets zombies? Yeah, I'll bite.

Before we go any further, I have to admit to a glaringly obvious truth. Hello. I’m Jonny and I’m a habitual film wanker. I’m that guy that uses words and phrases like cinematography and mise-en-scene, ranks Wiene’s Cabinet of Dr Caligari amongst the greatest films of all time and constantly rags on Michael Bay, even though it’s the film equivalent of repeatedly punching a blind kid. That said, I can spot a fun movie when I see one and Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead looks like it has all the hallmarks worthy of a drunken pizza night viewing!

I’m not going to lie, I was sold on the first line of the premise: Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead. It conjures images of high octane action, hordes of bloodthirsty undead and apocalyptic Australians just being general bad arses about the whole predicament.

Well, one of those things holds up after watching the trailer. There’s zombies alright. The rest is pure Australiana and, surprisingly, it’s wonderfully refreshing! The souped up vehicle of choice- a Landcruiser with a roo bar. Our stoic heroes- average Aussies kitted out in sports apparel. Their bad arse apocalyptic demeanor- the same as if a public holiday was canceled.

It looks fun, dumb and unapologetically ‘Straya style B-Grade cinema. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead will get a limited theatrical release on February 13th, so check your local cinemas for listings.

Oh, did I mention the zombies exhale petrol fumes? And the antagonist is a disco loving, mad scientist? You know you’re intrigued! I say, smuggle in some beers, kick back and have a hell of a time.

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