Minecraft players! You can change your name soon

We’ve all been there. At the time it seems like such a great username. It has flair, humor and all the hallmarks of timeless appeal. That is until it doesn’t, and then you’re stuck with YoMomma69 and the feeling of shame that comes with it. Well, good news is on the horizon for all you Minecraft players caught in such a predicament, as Mojang has announced a date when you’ll be able to wipe the username slate clean and start again!

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Name change to avoid creepers!

Originally stating players would be able to change their username sometime after the version 1.8 update, Mojang came out today and said, plain and simple: February 4.

Making the process as simple as hitting a pixelated box with a pixelated stick, a change link will be sitting next to your username when you next log into your Mojang account page. For all you Miners who don’t use an email address to log into Mojang, fear not, as you can migrate your account to an email-based one before you change your name.

What’s the catch? Do you have to pay a fee like crafty ol’ XBL? Gosh no! It’s free but you can only do it once every 30 days and all names still have to remain unique. Oh and FYI, banned players will remain banned, even with a name change. Sorry guys, Minecraft ain’t like Columbia. A quick name change and facial surgery doesn’t equate to a ‘get of jail free’ card!

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