Xbox One pre-purchase of Evolve gets a little extra

It’s no secret that Evolve’s marketing team have been pining over the Xbox One pretty hard lately, and with the latest announcement from publisher 2K Games‘ it seems that they’ve taken the plunge to all out Taylor Swift levels of infatuation.

Last month, 2K announced Evolve’s open beta -which is exclusive to? You guessed it, the Xbox One- and adamantly stated that the newly unveiled ‘Wraith’ monster wouldn’t be playable on any platforms during any of the betas. Well, turns out that’s only if you’re a scrub not playing on the Xbox One…and haven’t digitally pre-purchased the game too.

How it looks in a 2K and Microsoft meetings

How it looks in 2K and Microsoft meetings

Individuals playing with pre-purchases on Xbox One will not only get “exclusive instant access” to the ‘Wraith’ monster but also the entire roster of third tier of hunters (Parnell, Abe, Caira and Cabot). This “exclusive instant access” also carries over to the full release, meaning Xbox One players can forgo the unlocking process altogether.

Regular folks will only have the 4 starting hunters and Goliath monster to start with, having to achieve certain levels of mastery with each one to unlock more playable hunters and monsters. The good folks at Polygon estimate that this would normally take between 10-15 hours of gameplay.

Evolve plans betas- apparently closed ones- for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC within the next couple of weeks, with the full release hitting the masses on February 10. Oh, heads up. Pre-ordering gains you access to the Monster Expansion pack- giving you more playable abominations to wreak havoc with- which will set you back $14.99 (USD) otherwise. Monster chow for thought, huh?

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